In the Studio


Voegeli-Curran earned an MFA degree in Drawing and Painting from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).  She has also studied art in Florence, Italy, and at Anderson Ranch Art Center in Colorado.  Her work has been exhibited in the Los Angeles area, nationally, and internationally and has been collected by CSULB and in private homes. In Oct. 2013, she participated in High Desert Test Sites in the artist collective, Constellation Lab. She works and lives in the Los Angeles area and has a studio at Angel's Gate Cultural Center in San Pedro.


artist Statement

My abstract sculptures, drawings, and paintings are derived from chance events and forces found in the natural world. A vortex, a tangle of unruly vines, water carving its own path through rocks  all provide a framework with which to explore process and materiality.

My mixed media abstractions map not only a visual space but a psychological and emotional space as well. Through a build-up of layers tension grows as dualities such as chaos and order, growth and decay, and release and containment are explored.  I work with materials that are fluid, malleable, and unstable and look for a synthesis of form, line, and process. As I search for a resolution, structures reorganize from one layer to the next and refer to the complexity and ever shifting flux of the natural world.